Architectural Tours: Yachts

Architectural Tours: Yachts<br /> Coming straight from the movie industry, our video shooting techniques offer new opportunities, especially to visualize interiors. We use sequence shots which let the viewer discover all of the construction of a yacht without jolts or shaking, as if the camera was "flying" over the passageways and into the cabins.<br /> <br /> Discover our architectural tours with the interiors of yachts and superyachts:<br /> <br /> -CNB 100 Chrisco (Design: Luca Brenta & c. Yacht Designers, Interior Design: Wetzels Brown Partners, Builder: CNB Superyachts)<br /> -68 Metaphor (Designer: Victory Design, Builder: Alenyacht)<br /> -Shipman 80 (Designer: J & J Design, Interior Designer: Rhoades Young Design, Builder: Seaway)<br /> -Lagoon 620 (Designer: VPLP, Interior Design: Nauta Design, Builder: Lagoon)