Riva Luxury Yacht - Aquarama

1962 A legend is born Its name is Aquarama A boat, a symbol. Aquarama became Riva Yacht's symbol as soon as it was presented at the third International Nautical Fair in Milan in November 1962. The first to test it, Carlo Riva recalls, was FIAT's chairman, Giovanni Agnelli. The name is inspired by "cinerama", the great American experimental film screens. The presentation slogan sets out the key words: "Sun, sea, joy of living!" The prototype is the mythical Lipicar No 1, evolution of the Tritone. 8.02 m in length x 2.62 in width, places 8, 2 berths at the bow, two Chris-Craft petrol engines of 185 Hp each, speed 73 km/h. Price to the public, 10 million, 800 thousand lire.